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Brighton Rock

1h 51m Drama, Crime 2010

Brighton, 1964. Organised crime has moved into this sleepy English seaside town. Ambitious young gangster Pinkie Brown (Control’s Sam Riley), is determined to stop other gangs taking over his patch, but when he kills a rival, vital evidence falls into the innocent hands of an impressionable young waitress, Rose (Andrea Riseborough, Made in Dagenham and Never Let Me Go).

Pinkie romances Rose to stop her talking, but her employer Ida (Academy Award®-winner Helen Mirren, The Queen) is suspicious of their relationship. A year before the abolition of the death penalty, can Pinkie trust Rose not to betray him and can Rose trust Pinkie not to make her his next victim? Or will the distrustful Ida win out?

Also starring John Hurt (The Elephant Man) and Andy Sirkis (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Brighton Rock is a stylish and razor-sharp adaptation of Graham Greene’s 1938 novel, from the producer of Atonement and Eastern Promises.


Rowan Joffe




United Kingdom

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