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1h 25m Documentary, History, War 2019

Sanctuary is the intimate story of Khaled, a young man struggling to hold onto his humanity as he searches 10 years, across 3 continents for peace and freedom. Khaled fled Iraq for the Netherlands at age 6 with his journalist father who was tortured during Saddam’s regime. At the age of 18 Khaled returned to Iraq with his father after Saddam Hussein was toppled, hoping to help rebuild their birth country. Working as interpreters for the Coalition Forces they became targets for insurgents. Khaled’s father was assassinated in front of him. Fearing for his life Khaled fled to Malaysia. He languished stateless for 4 years before risking it all on a leaky boat to Australia yet found himself in immigration detention – indefinitely. Suffering with post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) and an unknown future, he gives up on asylum and is returned to Iraq. There begins his incredible journey back to the Netherlands. Along the way he meets Leon, a Dutch volunteer who fans a flicker of hope. Arriving in the Netherlands, Khaled can finally shift from survival mode to begin to re-build his life. But as the uncertainty over his immigration status continues and his mental health begins to unravel, will Khaled be able to hold onto his humanity and ultimately find his sanctuary. Sanctuary uniquely tells Khaled’s story through a combination of footage shot by Khaled himself, along with archive footage and cinematography by director Kaye Harrison.


Kaye Harrison


English, Arabic, Dutch




Bunya Productions

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