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Chopper (20th Anniversary)
Biography, Crime 1h 44m 2021
What We Do in the Shadows
Comedy 1h 26m 2014
Jasper Jones
Drama, Mystery 1h 45m 2017
My Brilliant Career
Biography, Drama 1h 40m 1979
Crime, Drama 1h 40m 2020
The Lost Thing
Animation, Short 15m 2010
Drama, Mystery 2h 1m 2001
Ali's Wedding
Comedy 1h 45m 2016
Wake in Fright
Drama, Thriller 1h 44m 1971
Drama, Mystery 2h 1m 2001
Samson & Delilah
Drama, Romance 1h 40m 2009
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand
Comedy, Romance 1h 47m 2001
Baby Done
Comedy 1h 31m 2020
Comedy, Drama 1h 43m 2006
The Boys
Crime, Drama 1h 26m 1998
This Town
Comedy 1h 31m 2020
Crime, Drama 1h 56m 2011
Harvie Krumpet
Animation, Comedy 23m 2003
Hearts and Bones
Drama 1h 47m 2019
Tim Winton's The Turning
Drama 3h 0m 2013
The Hunter
Adventure, Drama 1h 42m 2011
The Breaker Upperers
Comedy 1h 18m 2018
Drama 1h 25m 2021
High Ground
Action, Thriller 1h 45m 2021
Biography, Drama 1h 51m 2009
The Justice of Bunny King
Drama 1h 41m 2021
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Action, Adventure 1h 37m 2016
The Legend of Baron To'a
Action, Comedy 1h 45m 2020
Crime, Drama 1h 48m 2007
Hibiscus & Ruthless
Comedy 1h 37m 2018
Judy & Punch
Comedy, Drama 1h 45m 2018
A Month of Sundays
Comedy, Drama 1h 50m 2016
Hearts and Bones
Drama 1h 47m 2019
Drama 1h 38m 2013
Animal Kingdom
Crime, Drama 1h 48m 2010
Kiwi Christmas
Adventure, Family 1h 29m 2017
Mega Time Squad
Action, Adventure 1h 19m 2018
Drama 1h 33m 2019
Action, Horror 1h 40m 2018
Action, Comedy 1h 26m 2015
Three Wise Cousins
Comedy, Romance 1h 29m 2016

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