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Disco Boy
1h 33m Drama 2023
Blue Jean
1h 37m Drama 2023
1h 35m Drama 2021
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
1h 59m Drama, Romance 2019
1h 42m Biography, Drama 2019
BPM: Beats Per Minute
2h 17m Drama 2017
1h 47m Documentary 2018
The Battle of the Sexes
1h 23m Biography, Documentary 2013
Stranger by the Lake
1h 40m Drama, Romance 2013
1h 45m Documentary 2019
The Gospel According to André
1h 30m Documentary 2017
The Duke of Burgundy
1h 40m Drama 2014
1h 31m Horror, Musical 2018
Stage Mother
1h 33m Comedy, Drama 2020
A Kid Like Jake
1h 29m Drama, Family 2018
Skate Kitchen
1h 46m Drama 2019
Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak and Chic
1h 32m Documentary 2018
I Killed My Mother
1h 36m Drama, Romance 2009
House of Z
1h 30m Documentary 2017
1h 21m Drama, Romance 2010
Gayby Baby
1h 25m Documentary, Family 2015
1h 30m Documentary 2017
Dior and I
1h 30m Documentary 2015
Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent
1h 14m Documentary 2007

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